About Vikram Goud

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About Vikram Goud

Vikram Goud is a young visionary BJP leader hailing from Bhagyanagar (Hyderabad ). He believes in leading with sincere actions and notable examples. A sense of love for his Mother Nation while respecting every individual lays a strong foundation for his personality.

As a young leader, Vikram Goud envisions himself striving for excellence to attain the holistic development of India. Courage, open-mindedness, and a desire to work for the youth and underprivileged are the core values he lives upon. Vikram Goud adores the budding generation of our country. He is always accessible to provide personal help and guidance to the needy.

Since his childhood, he was interested in public affairs and social service.

Vikram’s childhood revolved around his family and his close friends. He was constantly awed by his father’s sheer determination in life that helped him to make a respectful name. Mukesh Goud’s life journey reminds Vikram to be humble and hardworking , while remaining rooted to his core values.

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Vikram Goud is not afraid to take unconventional paths that might be challenging. The degree of difficulty in the task at hand does not stop him. He is completely conscious of the essential steps that are required to make a change for public interest. He trusts his voice, a skill that he has possessed through his father over the time. His upbringing has made him a motivated individual. Vikram carries a solution-mindset and believes in pushing his limits for the betterment of his community.

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