Vision and Mission

The below are the four pillars of Vikram’s political career. He has been constantly working on these crucial matters. He passionately believes that these four elements are the heart of our New India.

1. Education for all

Education is a sword that can eradicate the societal difference from its roots. With this vision, Vikram has been working with government schools and colleges to strategize and plan the best scholarship programs for bright minds. He trusts that bringing a deep educational awareness among the neglected strata of society can take the nation leaps ahead in the journey of progress.

2. Affordable Medical Services

Vikram Goud considers health and medical services as one of the significant pillars among the four pillars. Losing his father due to cancer has given him a personal reason to work harder and improve health & medical services. With unheard diseases coming into the light, he admits that the Goshamahal and Musheerabad regions of Hyderabad especially should prepare themselves with advanced technology to combat such times. Later, he aims for setting affordable and accessible medical services for every citizen of Telangana.

3. Lending Voice to Each

Without a flinch, Vikram Goud believes in respecting every human as equal. Vikram believes that he can lend his voice to the overlooked during the process of the elimination of the societal gap. He is faithful that unethical practices can be stopped by enforcing appropriate law and order while making an environment where everyone feels heard.

4. Hindu Value System

One for all and all for one – such strong beliefs and ethics have shaped up the culture. Vikram through his efforts and initiatives portray such strong values and serves everyone equally.